Quick guide: How to take care of your bong

Bongs are very popular among weed or cannabis users and it stores water to filter and cool the smoke before it gets inhaled. The cannabis is stored in a bowl that is mounted into a down stem inside the bong which leads the smoke into a water filtration system through which it rises to the neck and gets inhaled through the mouthpiece. The narrow parts which make up the bong allow for easy build-up of resin in corners and narrow areas which can make it difficult to maintain cleanliness and remove the buildup of resin. This can cause the mouthpiece to taste like ash and the bowl to get clogged with sticky resin which is hard to remove and can irritate your lungs and make you cough a lot. So, it is important to take good care of your bong regularly.

Dirty bongs look bad to anyone who sees them and can cause people to question if smoking weed is indeed as good for you as they say it is. It is also unhealthy and makes the water inside it get dirty as well which can easily make you cough and have a bad impact on your lungs. Dirty bong also covers the natural and pleasant aroma and flavor of cannabis and it can hamper your experience. Regular cleaning does not allow any resin to build up and thus allows for easy cleaning and you can get a good and clean bong if you just use a few preventative measures as well as use the right cleaning products. The best and most popular cleaning products include isopropyl or rubbing alcohol and coarse/unrefined salt like sea salt which allows for a thorough cleaning.  You can also learn how to clean a bong without alcohol and it will include a cleaning agent that is designed for cleaning water pipes and narrow spaces. Resin preventer solutions are also available to coat your bong and prevent any major resin buildup and thus make cleaning easier and faster than it usually is.

The best practice for cleaning any water pipes is almost the same. First, pour out the dirty water inside the bong and use warm and clean water to flush the insides of the bongs. Next, pour a good cleaning solution from among the choices available like the ones which include rubbing alcohol along with salt or some solution which is specific for cleaning out resins from pipes such as Formula 420 which is the best bong cleaner. Then, cover the openings of the bong by either using a paper towel or your hands but preferably by products designed for water pipes like silicon cleaning caps. After you have sealed the openings, shake the bong with the solution inside until the resin which is sticking to the glass sides is removed completely and starts floating in the solution. It can be done easily if you let the resin soak in the cleaning but it is not compulsory to wait it out. If after shaking there are still any spots left, you can use a pipe brush to remove them or a magnetic bong scrubber can also be used to reach places that a pipe brush can’t. Lastly, remove the seals on the openings and pour out the cleaning solution and clean the insides by using warm water. If your glass looks hazy after this, wash it again using a cleaning solution and then rinse with warm water.

You should also take certain preventive measures to prevent a resin buildup, water stains as well as molds inside your bong. These include using filtered water in your bong to prevent any water stains due to the minerals present in unfiltered tap water which can get difficult to remove from a bong. You should also use filtered water when cleaning out your bong to help get it clean easily as well as without any stubborn water stains. Scratches on the glass are very difficult to remove and need specific tools while the risk of breaking or deforming any part is always around the corner. So, you should try and prevent any scratches on your bong in the first place by being careful when handling it and using a bong pad to prevent any scratches on the bottom part. While storing it or traveling with it, be sure to pack in a hard case and store properly to prevent any difficult to remove scratches. Mold stains are also difficult to remove as well as potentially unhealthy. So, you should try and change the water inside the bong daily and clean it at least once a week to prevent them from happening. Also, avoid holding the bong from the mouthpiece as hands can carry a lot of bacteria which then gets transferred onto the mouthpiece and thus gets inside your body and causes diseases.

Breaking of bongs is also common and you can prevent it by being careful when handling and using it and also use a bong bag or hard case when you need to store it. You can also choose a bong that has a thicker or durable glass preferably scientific glass which can be found in best bongs under 100. This can help your bong withstand some impact as well any accidental falls from less height. This allows you to worry less about handling your bong and potentially breaking it easily. Emptying the water inside the bong after each use is also recommended as it not only prevents resin and dirt buildup but also helps in preventing breakage. When water gets cooled, it expands and this can shatter the glass if it expands too much when stored in colder conditions. Removing the bowl and downstem from the bong is also important as they are both made of glass and can collide and break when the bong is moved. If you remove them after use, it makes it easier to store them while also preventing any accidents.

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