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Android Messages Web: Receive and send SMS in the browser

With the web client of Android Messages, SMS can also be received and sent in the web browser. Google extends its SMS app Android Messages to a web service. It allows app users to connect their smartphone to a browser and send and receive text messages over the Internet. To set up the Android Messages homepage is called, on which a QR code can be seen. This QR code must be scanned in via the Messages app itself. The corresponding menu item does not appear in the Android phones in the editorial office. According to Google, it should be found under “More options” and “Messages Web.” Since the website of Android Messages is already available, it should not be too long before the app can be connected. Using fake handynummer is important sometimes also.


With the web interface of Android Messages, not only SMS can be written on the keyboard and read on the big screen. In addition to pure text messages, Android Messages should also be able to send RCS messages. This Google-preferred SMS alternative allows messages like in popular messenger apps with pictures, videos, and other content. The support of RCS messages by German network providers, however, is not yet uniform. Android Messages is available as a free app in the Play Store.

In a blog, post-Google describes further upcoming improvements to the Messages application, which will be expanded into Google’s preferred chat program. For example, users can search for and send animated gifs. A function called “Smart Reply” should show answer templates so that you can save typing in certain situations.

Tips and tricks for sending SMS

We all know the problem with sending SMS, sometimes the SMS arrives and sometimes not or not at all. That’s why we’ve listed some info and tips that can hopefully help you here.  If you think that an SMS does not arrive at the receiver, you have the possibility to test it with the acknowledgment function.  This only applies to an SMS text that is no longer than 160 characters.  After the shipment, you will receive an SMS on your mobile containing a delivery report. If the mobile phone of the recipient is turned off, you will be informed about the attempted and the successful delivery.

Please note:

  • A guarantee for the delivery of an SMS cannot be given.
  • Therefore you should always call for really important things better.
  • For mobile phones that can write more than 160 characters as SMS text, you should make sure that it is not more than 160 characters. Otherwise, you will receive no receipt, and the recipient begins the text with * T #.

Please check in advance:

  • Is the message setting for “Preferred connection” also set to GSM? For UMTS-enabled devices the case
  • Simply send an SMS to your own number to test to see if it goes out and arrives.

If it does not work with the sending, then you can trigger a check with the network operator. For this we need the following information:

  • The short message center number you use
  • The recipient’s destination number dialed by you
  • The device you are using
  • The terminal used by the recipient
  • Date and time of sent SMS, these should not be older than 24 hours

Another cause may be that the receiver uses a mobile phone model in which the phone number appears in the blacklist.