Art Jamming Singapore

Art Jamming studio and uses

Art is one of the ways to express love to others and it will remain forever even after the artist passes away. Once inner ignorance and hectic taught can be cleaned by art. The purpose of art to make some impact and touch the soul of viewers. There is more racial discrimination present around us but art and artist are always out of bound to this discrimination. If the artwork is unique and has some intense message means it is called a good art. Art Jamming Singapore helps us to make such good arts by establishing many studios. These studios have a common idea of providing an environment for the artist to come up with good artworks. There are as many studios present in Singapore. They provide a canvas, paints, sprayers, etc one artist needs to complete his artwork. They are doing these services by getting considerable pay from the artist. Some of the famous art studios in Singapore are Artify Studio, Lionheart Studio, Arteastiq Studio, Artifacts Studio, My Art Space Studio, The Noteway Art Studio, Arthaus Studio, and Art Jam Studio.

Artify Studio

Artify Studio is one of the most likes and reviewed art jamming studio in Singapore. There are more studios similar to Artify studio but some of the facilities provided by them are not provided by the other studio. Artify studio has two types of art jam sessions namely the Unguided art jam session and Liberty art jam session. In the Unguided art jam session, the artist will be provided with necessary things and the studio people will take responsibility for the physical setup only, But in Liberty art jam session they provide the necessary things as well as they will help as in learning how to do artwork from basics. They have different pay for these sessions. In general, an Unguided art jam session will cost 25$ for 2.5Hrs and a Liberty art jam session will cost 35$ for 2.5Hrs. The studio works from morning 10 am to evening 5:30 pm. They also provide extra time for the artist to complete his work but the artist has to pay extra 10$ for each extra hour he/she wants to spend with painting work. Instead, they suggest booking two continuous slots which will only cost 50$ for 5Hrs than one who pays the amount by extending three hours. The rate of the slots will be the same for all the days of the week. If one finishes his work early and thinks of doing another artwork he can buy a canvas instantly by paying just10$ the studio. They also request not to bring their pet animals with them. They don’t have a car park but they can park nearby parking lot which costs nearly 2$ -2.5$ for 2.5Hrs. They also don’t have a canteen facility but one can find wonderful food shops when they step out of the studio. Women can bring their children to their studio but are not allowed into the studio they can leave their children in the waiting room. No person is allowed to bring an extra person for their company. The person getting trained in Liberty art jams will surely succeed in the art field.