Blocked Drain Southend

Blocked Drain: Reasons for Blocked Drain

A Blocked Drain Southend is a big inconvenience at home. It’s not only creating smell but also bacteria and diseases. No matter how much you are caring about your kitchen. There are so many reasons for blocked drains such as hair and broken pipes etc. Today in this article we will talk about that reason and also give you some tips to avoid such drain blockage.

  • Blockage due to Hair: Hair is the main reason for block All of us have hair, so when we wash it or come it every time a little hair falls down somewhere in the shank or washbasin. Sometimes they have not cleared straight away. Small body hair is also the cause of blocked drains.

To stop this blockage you have to follow this tip: After showering, always remove that small amount of hair by pulling them out with the help of hand gloves. You can also use drain cleaners to remove the hair from the drain. Always take care of your hand if you are using a chemical for drain cleaning.

  • Blockage due to dirt and Plants: Some natural issues are also a cause of drain blockage and that issue is small damage to plants and dirt. If you do the regular maintenance of your garden, especially the water drains area then you will not face the drain pipes blockage issue.

Tips: Always keep your outdoor area clean from the fallen leaves and plants especially the season of autumn and spring. Also, clean pipes after every monsoon because so much dirt and dust take place in pipes. If the drain is still blocked then you can take help from a professional cleaner.

  • Blockage due to Grease: In the kitchen, due to oil, fat, and grease sink pipe will be blocked. These fats for blocked drain are very common. These substances stick inside the pipe and then after some time, no liquid like water can pass from it. So always keep these tips in mind.

Tips: Whenever you wash fatty ingredients and dishes on the sink then due to water the drains are cool so that fats are blocked in the pipes, so always keep that fats in a glass jar before washing and wash those dishes with hot water. After cleaning the dishes, clean the sink with hot water also.

  • Blocked due to Toiletries: Some people have some habit that they dispose of or drain toiletries down. The main big problem is that sewers and pipes are blocked due to it. Baby wipes and diapers are also one big issue; people often flushed them in the toilet. These things absorb water and block in toilet starts.

Tips: If we clean toiletries and use them in the right way then this type of blockage can be stopped. Always take out your garbage and throw it in the right dustbin. No matter if you are using it at home or in the public toilet. If the toilet is blocked then take the help of some professional cleaner or chemical drainer.

So, these are some basic reasons for blockage drain and if you always keep these tips in your mind while using your kitchen and bathroom then you will not face such type of issue in the near future.