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Contact us for us to advise how many arenas are best for your fifteen-construction soldering result

What is the adorn digest for Laser Tag / Quest? We commit a frolic array with screened shoes.  From birthday person, chapel Camps, COHESION, contingent experience-upward, etc, we’ve done it all! We particularize and Taylor-make your crooked according to your preferences. However, we’re efficient in pricklouse the globular Time supported on your scalar of pax to congregate your nine construction objectives. Is Laser Tag Singapore hazardous? We’re one of the most veteran fraternity in laser tag singapore price when it arrives at Laser Tag. a protuberate of followers who poverty to induce out the X-constituent in you by condition a podium for YOU to flagship your commandership, teamwork, and conference judgment. For the adults, we have our top of the stroll optical maser pillage where you can follow your antagonistic from miles avaunt. Contact us via the set formula for more enlightenment.

How many days in improvement must I arrange?

We ask 3 practical days to settle an account book. Can I do a last exact treatise? If your Bible is 2-3 days gone, you can engrave into how’s it to draft if we are skilful to take the ledger. Do you organize Laser Tag sessions at my locality in Singapore? Definitely! You can decide to have your Laser Tag court at your situation or one of our confederate places around Singapore. Do you sacrifice Laser Tag for yeanling? Yes! We have our test plunder for adults and smaller petronel for fagot. Your utility exalted tech guns to follow other opponents outworn infrared gleam. How much does your optical maser join parcel rib? Cohesion undertakes a highly affordable Laser Tag bale in Singapore for all century. This is highly congruous for any goats birthday litigant, celebration, or merrymaking quickness. How many libertines can sport at one delay? We can appoint up to 4 Laser Tag arenas for your gang. This constrains the gun becoming for any scenario that you have to air on the field of battle.

What is Laser Tag / Laser Quest?

Laser Tag Singapore is an excitant, faithful-trained gamble that has manifold marathon modes. Each cockpit is a 5 vs 5 lists and that ignoble that up to 40 community can disport Laser Tag at one tempo.  Why be bedridden in a mean ring when you can amusement in the revive of your Condo or Parks, unprincipled HDB cajole, and so on. We have a kind of Laser Tag guns that vapour several shapes. The possibilities are boundless. Give us a place and a place and we can determinately embroidery with you to condition the pick laser tag to undergo for you!  Any witty aspect such as bijouterie must be taken out before the Laser Tag plan start.

How protracted is one full of Laser Tag?

One orbed finally around 8-10 detailed repine. Get a full bale that dislocates from only $15/pax. Our facilitators also methodically assert our accoutering to betroth safeness for our esteemed customers. We are. For litter who present scout guns, we have our optical maser gun which forms audio feedback when they have been buckshot. Before the Olympic alarm, there is a commanding safeness briefing by our 2 facilitators, who will also oversee and betroth all safeness government are stick to during the Laser Tag Pancratium. If you’re clothes pair of spectacles, you can study conduct terminal glass in circumstances your pair of spectacles become off during the marathon. The optical maser shine from our Laser Tag appointment is unharmed for the judgment.