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Do you think Technology is the Game Changer!

Today everything around us is being influenced by technology. Our hard work and difficult work are being done by Technology tools. Technology is a game-changer in the present situations. As we all are locked inside the home due to this pandemic so we can’t get out of our home for learning which means going to schools, colleges and library are not possible today. Even we are locked in homes we can know what is happening in the external world through the internet. Before getting into this conversation, I would like to say you an amazing and of course an astonishing thing. Have you ever heard of the european car repair austin ? It is one of the automatic car repair shops in the world. It shows how technology has developed today. Yes, It’s time to get into our old conversation that is about how technology helped us during these difficult times. Today even though the schools and colleges are locked for more than a year. But there is no barrier to learning. Because we have adopted learn from the home strategy because of the technology. Yes, we are getting all our tests, assignments, and tasks and we are posting them in an online classroom. Chalk and talk classrooms have changed into virtual classrooms. So, the learning is never locked by the lockdowns and pandemics. We want to thank technology millions of times for these precious alternatives that help us to overcome the learning barrier stopped us that during these difficult pandemic times.

Demerits of virtual Education which means online classes 

Even though technology helped us to overcome the barriers still there are some barriers in online classes which mean virtual Education too. The first major problem is still there are more than millions of children who cannot afford to buy a mobile, laptop, computers and tablets. So, they are unable to join virtual Education which means online classes. So, there is no 100 percent participation of all children in online classes. In my view, Virtual Education is not a perfect alternative. Because the perfect alternative means it makes everyone be a participant. So, I think this is the biggest drawback in virtual Education or online classes.

The second biggest problem for every school student and college student is the signal problem. Even they afford to buy a mobile phone? Still, there is a major problem that is a problem in connectivity. The poor network connection is also the biggest and deadliest drawback. Because still in some areas there is no possibility of general needs like water, electricity, sanitation, etc., At the same time server errors and poor network in some areas leads to a very big problem in understanding for children.

The signal problem and network problem act as the biggest barrier for children. This leads to voice breaking so that children which means the school students and college students can’t able to understand what the teacher is trying to say. Before the pandemic time, we started our conversation with Hi, hello, good morning, good afternoon, good evening, nice to meet you, and so on. But today the condition changed. We are starting our conversation with Am I Audible? question.