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Finer Methods for the best Dark Circle Removal

The rings these marks around the eyes that weigh down the eyes and give a tired look. How to fight against those shadows that sadden your pretty eyes and bother you in the morning? Discover all the solutions to get rid of it. With trị thâm mắt you can have the best deals now.
What are dark circles?

Pollution, tobacco, alcohol, nights too short are all factors that promote the appearance of dark circles, this from the age of 25-30 years. These bags under the eyes, darker than your natural skin tone, are the result of poor blood circulation and lymphatic contour of the eye. As a result, the dark circles make the eye look, whether they are blue circles or dark circles on duller skins. Some women are more prone than others.

Anyway, you should know that the epidermis around the eye is 4 times thinner than the rest of the face, which allows appearing by transparency of the bluish color of the blood vessels. To these marks can be added pockets, which translate an accumulation of water and fat. Unhappy but not serious at all, dark circles are not inevitable, and we can fight against these signs of fatigue with a few simple gestures. If that’s not enough, you can test our grandma’s remedies.

A healthy lifestyle

Fatigue, winter, computer causes behind the appearance of dark circles can be many. For those who spend their day in front of the computer, remember to adjust the brightness of your screen, and do not forget to take breaks, even short, to rest your eyes. If this phenomenon is temporary, due to night too short or a meal well-watered, a good night’s sleep will make everything disappear.


More than any part of the face, you pamper its eye contour thoroughly, using specific care to apply morning and evening. The trick: keep it in the fridge, the cold having a decongestant effect

Restart the circulation

Dark circles are caused by congestion of the vessels around the eyes. To revive the tissues, we perform a small massage with the fingers. Small pressures are exerted from the outer hollow to the inside, then smooth. The best is to perform this massage with the eye contour treatment, to avoid wrinkling the skin.

Masks or disfiguring eyes discs

They look like sleeping masks that are used for sleeping or simple round patches and then have a relaxing and relaxing effect. Leave your discs or mask cool, then apply them to your closed eyes. So your look will be smoother and awake.

The more radical solutions

Many cosmetic surgery techniques offer to treat the area around the eyes. The collagen injection treats the wrinkles, the incision then the reduction of the skin reduces the volume of the pockets, finally, the chemical peel can give a look of the eye but none of these methods deals specifically with the dark circles.

Plants against water retention

You can decongest your dark circles by infusing chamomile or blueberry, which you then leave to cool in the refrigerator for you then use it very fresh. These plants are soothing and soothing. Apply them in compresses. Finally, be aware that aloe vera gel bio and kept cool works wonders.