Movies are one of the greatest ENTERTAINMENT genres all over the globe. Different people around dig for movies every day, every passing minute and every passing situation. But is it really affordable for all class in the society to pick this chunk of satisfaction and relief through movies only after paying a huge amount of money? The answer is crystal clear, it’s a BIG NO!

123Movies is a site that gives you this opportunity and most of all the satisfaction on a huge scale. Different people mean different tastes but don’t worry! This site has covered all of your interests in movies. Be it Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Marathi, Chinese Movies (Martial arts, society centric etc.)

Different Genres of Movies:

Every person, you and me and every other guy is unique, so are their tastes or interests. To some, WATCHING MOVIES is a hobby, and some are studying this ASPECT OF ARTS. 123Movies covers almost every genre. People, who are studying Cinematography, can find an overflowing number of informational pieces of work here. They always long for another greater piece of artistic phenomenon every now and then or some love to watch movies of their favorite directors, artists. Some of us just enjoy movies keeping a specific genre in the head.

This site covers all of your needs and returns you great satisfaction. Now as you have found out this place, you wouldn’t be able to search another website or surf through the internet to find another site just to watch your favorite movie. BECAUSE THERE IS NO PLACE EXCEPT THIS. No site can give you this much good content. LET’S TALK ABOUT THE TYPES OF MOVIES NOW:


Ø The Godfather

Ø The Matrix

Ø Inception

Ø Gladiator (Action, Adventure, Drama)

Masterpieces like:

Ø A Beautiful Mind (Biography, Drama)

Ø The Da Vinci Code (Mystery, Thriller)

Ø Serpico (Biography, Crime, Drama)

And Movies like:

Ø Titanic (Romance, Drama)

Ø The Notebook (Drama, Romance)

The list of favorite & preferential movies available on 123 Movies is so huge, that it is difficult to name & describe all of them on pen & paper. In a nutshell, the site has almost all the movies that one can name, might it be a day old or a decade old.


Let’s watch the movies together here with different ideas and interests growing. The different point of views gathering and leave a comment on what you thought after watching the movies and so on. Let’s fulfill our appetite for knowledge by watching good movies at 123Movies.

And let’s SAY THANKS! To this site as it is putting in front of us a huge exposure to knowledge. And the thing is, it is completely free of cost! How GOOD is that! Lesser ads, lesser annoying experience, and piece with what you seek. Watch free movies here, do your research, get entertained, spread love, share the website to friends and family and enjoy together. Movie enthusiasts are always going to find here what they have been searching for decades over the internet. LET’S WATCH MOVIES TOGETHER NOW!