Important tips for tire care You Must Choice

Tire care is one of the most important tasks for car owners. Because only fully functional tires maintain a reliable level of safety and ensure unrestricted mobility in all situations. What simple measures you can take to maintain the performance of your tires as long as possible, you can find it online. You can visit here and have the best deal.

Treads of the tires

The regular control of tread depth is an important criterion in tire care. Only flawless tires can guarantee driving safety. Pay attention to wear and tread depth.

The statutory minimum tread depth for summer and winter tires is 1.6 millimetres. However, experts recommend changing the tires earlier summer tires: 3 mm, winter tires: 4 mm. Because with a dwindling profile decreases the absorption capacity for water. In addition, the grip decreases. This increases the risk of aquaplaning and lengthens the braking distances.

Regular measurement of tread depth is, therefore, one of the most important aspects of good tire care. Worn tires should, therefore, be replaced in good time. If you are looking for new tires, you can compare current tire models for free and find numerous cheap offers at nearby tire dealers:

  • Width:
  • Height:
  • Inch:
  • Speed:

Tire pressure

Measure point is filling pressure every 14 days. The correct tire inflation pressure is specified exactly for each vehicle. You can find binding information in the following places:

  • Operation manual
  • Tank flap
  • Doorpost
  • Air pressure tables of the manufacturer (online)

Tire pressures should be measured regularly ideally every 14 days as incorrect pressure, especially low will reduce tire life, increase fuel costs and increase the risk of tire damage.


For tire air pressure, a distinction must be made between full load and part load pressure. The full load pressure is intended for high payloads or longer journeys at high speeds.

Driving behaviour: Avoid curb bumps

Anyone who brushes the curb while parking can damage both the outer skin and the carcass of the tire. Small abrasions or cracks can then expand quickly and lead to irreparable damage. Therefore, you should be careful to avoid such a way, Templer. Once such contact has taken place, the tire flank is to take a closer look.

In general, the regular inspection of sidewalls and running surfaces is part of the right tire care. Discovered scratches or bumps should then be demonstrated to the specialist as quickly as possible. In many cases, he can carry out a professional tire repair to make the tire roadworthy again.

Tire care by the professional: Adjust balancing and track

Anyone who balances their tires when changing tires every six months will extend the life of the tires by avoiding damaging vibrations while at the same time protecting the bearing, suspension and steering system. Even new tires should be balanced before use.

Proper alignment of vehicle axles and wheels is also an important aspect of tire care because the axle geometry is not right; tires can ride off unevenly. Anyone noticing such uneven wear should visit a garage to have the track set up again correctly.