In what way engineering helps us in our daily life?

With the rise of new technology and new inventions, many people are jobless. These inventions have reduced the work done by humans and improve machine working. Machines are invented to reduce the man’s work but by these inventions, many illiterate people are suffering a lot. In many manufacturing industries, the works are done by automation machines. These automation machines work with the help of coding language. There are many online applications to get jobs. And click here to apply for your UPSC examination.

We are in nations in advanced condition large world in man-made condition. Every day that we use in our daily life like smartphones, laptops, television, radios, etc… these products are designed and equipped with the help of engineers. We are surrounded by engineering in our lives practically. Without the help of engineers, nothings will be discovered. This field includes the invention of roads, dams, bridges, car designs, etc… engineering can also be said as it is acknowledged as a discipline that gives more opportunities and creates more technology. Those inventions make people work easier and faster. Engineers give a fine structure by showing their talent and inventing new inventions from their skills.

Not only electronics objects. Medicines and other renewable technologies to sustain mining are done with the help of engineers. Many people have a wrong thought about engineering. They are used to say that most of the engineers are jobless. But the people who learned more from the engineering field as an engineer earn more than doctors in their field. Engineering exists from ancient times as human devised fundamental inventions like a pulley, the wheel, these are the example for modern engineering. The word engineering is common for all studies that are related to construction, inventions, etc…

Are there any branches in engineering?

Mainly there are four main branches in Engineering namely mechanical and chemical engineering, civil and electrical engineering. For example, computer software, nanotech, marine, mechatronic, etc… all come under engineering.

Not only in private sectors government like central and state governments also have more vacancies for engineers. Comparing to a private job government job is more secure. In government jobs, you can raise your posting by your work. And if it is a government job you can work till your retirement. But in the private sector, you should update yourself for the current society and you should invent some new things that are related to your job only that you will be permanent to their company.

In ancient years we all know for transportation bullock car is used. But now automatic cars and battery cars are invented for traveling from one place to the other. These are done only with the help of engineers. Chemical and bioengineers help in drug delivery systems that work inside our sales to cure disease.

Applying for government jobs can be done online. After passing in written exams only they will allot jobs for you. Exams by the UPSC will not be much easier. Exams will be conducted yearly once. you have one year to revise the portion for your exams.