led panel screen rental

LED display rental income discussion to be noted

LED display apartment minimum is a single type used for common general performance and innovative activities. It is usually listed in the form of a housing minimum, so your miles are referred to as the LED screen housing minimum. It is drastically applied in diplomas, creating dance floors and dance parties, press conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theaters, auditoriums, lecture halls, multifunctional halls, lecture halls, presentation halls, discos, nightclubs, high-end discos, etc.

Portable and Ultra-thin

Traditional led panel screen rental is specially made of SPCC, not uncommon place and elegant use of cold-rolled carbon metal sheet and strip, commonly known as iron boxes. It is made from sheet metal by bending, welding, spraying, and special processes. Low rates, but also a disadvantage: too heavy.

The weight per square meter after being placed on a  screen exceeds 60 kg. The showcases used in the LED presentations are the minimum requirements for the joint general diploma of the Performance Company and are made of aluminum. It weighs about 3050 kg/m2. Its tendencies include light and exquisite thermal conductivity, etc. the sheet metal fabrication pattern processed by fabrication techniques such as bending and welding. Due to the large deviation of such manufacturing techniques and their not uncommon point of deformation after processing, the display deviation is in the millimeter range.

Continuous splicing requirements are difficult to meet. Due to the module forming tooling achieved in the production of aluminum housing for the LED display department, the deviation can be limited to 0.1 inner millimeters, which meets the requirement of continuous splicing.

Quick installation

Because the body is made of aluminum, it is lighter and more precise, which guarantees easy and quick disassembly. Technicians can splice the interior of cabinets in minutes, greatly reducing setup and teardown time and saving the cost of difficult paint jobs.

Long lifespan

The most important point affecting the usability of LED displays is the light-emitting diode light bulb. High temperature is the main killer of light-emitting diodes. Aluminum cabinets, with excellent cooling capacity and thermal conductivity, can stabilize the temperature of the service environment and widely expand the existence of presentation services.

Affordable Price

Minimal Outdoor LED Showcase is a great desire from event planners who are on a budget but want to offer remarkable features. The reality is that outdoor LED displays are easy to install, so you can hire experts to set up displays without paying for them. Additionally, their brightness and easy visibility suggest that you no longer need to rent multiple media, to reach the goals of your target market.

A single show screen is enough to attract multiple viewers. The Minimum LED presentation apartment is also energy efficient, which means that your electricity bills will no longer be too high. What you should be looking for is a home organization with minimal installments that will provide you with premium LED presentations. There are several such experts. You need to look hard and find an organization that will offer you top-quality LED displays at a lower price.


Outdoor LED displays are robust and durable. They can withstand harsh weather including heavy rain and high winds. In this way, renting the premium outdoor LED screen can display simple images and voices that the target market will appreciate regardless of the weather. It is achieved with the new age and can also withstand harsh weather.