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In the license of any digital marketing, there are such items as artificial manipulation of search results or actions aimed at increasing the position of the site in search results, which can be regarded as search spam. Further, without explaining the reasons, such a site may be sanctioned. Thus, the existence of affiliate marketing in itself already contradicts the license of digital marketing. In this regard, historically there were such concepts as white, black and gray optimization. With the Robby Blanchard‎ commission hero you can now have the best supports.

White optimization is those actions for promotion, for which there will definitely not be sanctions of digital marketing. As a rule, these are operations aimed not only at optimization but also on improving the site from the user’s point of view. Black optimization necessarily leads to sanctions, up to the exclusion of the site from digital marketing. Then it’s very difficult to get it back. This may take several months of correspondence with the administration of digital marketing. Let us dwell on the moments of black optimization. If one of the listed phenomena you see on your site, we recommend that you remove it as soon as possible.

Invisible or weakly visible text on the page

For example, in addition to the main text, blue in blue is written many keywords. The user does not see this, and the search robot can read all this text. Today, digital marketing already know how to track and filter automatically. Therefore, this way of black optimization will not work.

Cloaking server scripts determine who is currently viewing the site: a crawler or a real user. Depending on this, different search results are output. Users see a normal page, and robots a page stuffed with keywords. Digital marketing as learned to calculate this trick.

Doorways and pages with redirects

On Wikipedia you can find the following definition: doorway is a type of search spam, a web page specially optimized for one or more search queries in order to get to high places in search results for these queries and further redirecting visitors to another site or page. Now digital marketing are successfully fighting and with this kind of black optimization.

For a better understanding of the mechanism of digital marketing optimization, consider the roles that are involved in this process.


  • What do customers want?
  • The optimizer
  • What do optimizers want?

Earn as much money as possible. True, a decent optimizer, his interests coincide with the interests of the customer and digital marketing. The dishonorable is a completely different story. He does not care about those and others the main thing is to make a profit. And it does not matter which way.

Digital marketing is interested in offering the user the most objective search results, independent of some external factors. The whole life path of the development of digital marketing and affiliate marketing boils down to the following: digital marketing comes up with new criteria and new ranking rules, and optimizers try to master them and learn how to indirectly influence them. And this process is endless, like a war of shield and sword.