mold remediation by Complete Detail

Perfect Solutions for the Best Mold Remediation Now

When it is difficult for you to breathe and you feel a suspicious smell, put yourself in alert mode, as it is most likely that it is mold that causes all this. To be able to end it and eliminate mold from walls or signs of moisture, follow these steps. With mold remediation by Complete Detail you can find the solution easy now.

  • Improve the ventilation of your house, open windows, install an extractor, any place where mold is concentrated is a possible nest of the fungus.
  • Clean in-depth, especially at the corners of the walls, where they tend to accumulate.
  • Clean under furniture and anywhere you may have forgotten because that is where it is most likely to appear.
  • Use a dehumidifier, since mold reappears when humidity exceeds 60% concentration, and a dehumidifier is a very good option if you want to avoid returning to your home.

Dry the carpets and carpets in a day or two. Do not let them “dry with air” since mold will be generated inside it, for sure. If you see that the thermal conditions are not ideal, use a fan to speed up the process.

If textiles have been infected, better throw them away. In the long term, it will save your pocket, since it can be extended to other garments, and your health will be greatly benefited.

Disinfect walls, floor and furniture. All that furniture that you can disinfect, apply it to it. It is better that you use hospital disinfectants, or if you do not get them, antifungals and sporicides.

Home remedies to eliminate mold

Undoubtedly, mold is very unsightly and has a great health risk. But there are natural remedies to fight it safely. At home, you have many products to eliminate mold that may be useful.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Maybe you didn’t know, but it’s a great moisture absorber. Mix it with water and a spray on the affected area. Finally, when it dries, remove it with a dry cloth.


Apply it directly on the area, so that it does not lose its concentration, leave it for an hour before rubbing the area with a scourer.

Boric Acid or Borax

Commonly known as a foot deodorant. Like baking soda, it has great absorbent power. Use a glass of borax per liter of water and apply the mixture for half an hour before removing it with water. It is important that the area where you apply it is aerated and away from children and pets since its intake is toxic.

Tea tree oil

It is very cheap, it is the most useful. Dilute a tablespoon of the oil in a glass of water and apply it to the affected area. You should not rinse since, in addition to annihilating the existing mold, it will prevent it from reappearing

Hydrogen peroxide

It is able to remove mold without releasing toxic gases, put the hydrogen peroxide in a sprayer and let it act for half an hour. You don’t really need to remove it, but if you apply it on a tile, it will return some whiteness ????


Who has no bleach at home? It is one of the most immediate methods that you can apply and eliminates almost all molds that exist. It must be applied in a ventilated area and with gloves to protect the hands. Ideally, a part of bleach diluted with six of water