Car parking

Rental Car Parking

Car parking is a mechanical device that increases the parking level of the capacity interior a parking lot. Parking systems are powered by electric motors and pumps of hydraulic, it will help to move the vehicle to the storage position. It may traditional or automated. Mechanized multi-story automated car park structure is less costly per parking lot since they tend to need less structure capacity and less ground area than a conventional facility with the same volume. Everlasting automated car parking systems are likely to be more expensive effective than traditional parking garages. It reduces exhaust gas cars required not to drive around in search of street parking spaces. Automated car parking systems use the same type of technology used for mechanical parcel handling. The customer leaves the car inside an entrance and the technology will park the car in the allotted areas. Mechanical or hydraulic car raisers lift the vehicle to the next level of stores.

Renting parking space:

The amount will be collected for parking a car in many parking areas. Mostly crowded urban areas parking of motor cars is time taking and frequently expensive. Urban planners who are in a position to override market forces must think whether and how to placed or demand manage potentiometrically high numbers of motor vehicles in low geographic areas. The annual revenue of the US is $ 10 billion. Some airports charge a maximum of parking cars than for parking aircraft. Parking control os a primary issue in densely famous cities In popular countries.

Motor vehicles parking in areas of big cities frequently has to pay for the time the vehicle is on the spot. The motorist frequently needs to display a sticker beneath the windscreen indicating that he has to give the money for parking space usage for an allotted period. Communication regarding the parking status of a roadway takes the structure of notices. Fixed to a nearby wall and road markings. Part of the need for passing the driving exam in some countries is the demo understanding of parking signs. Most colleges and universities in the US charge for vehicle parking. Colleges even have a place parking services department that issue daily, weekly, monthly, and annual parking permits as well as enforce parking ordinances.  A customer comes to the entry point ticket machine by vehicle, press the ticket requisition push button and pull the ticket and which lifts the barrier and enters into the parking lot.

Developed apps for vehicle parking, and another app whose primary purpose is to help motorists to find open spot using their mobile phones, and also a timer so the user can easily get back to a parking meter before it expires, and a filter of users choose between on-street and off-street parking spaces. It connects phones camera so quickly the user can take a photo of their car in the parking and another lot operate on a pay and display technology, the ticket is purchased from a machine and pasted to the dashboard of the car. Parking is paid by the mobile phone by sending an SMS message which contains the license plate number in this time effective cashier books the car and the time when the message is sent, later message will be sent for due.