Buy strong painkillers online

Smart Steps in Online Med Purchase

You may not want to go to a pharmacy to buy your medications without a prescription? It is possible to get them on the Internet since late 2012 under certain conditions. You can Buy strong painkillers online and have the whole process done easily.

The advantages of an online order

  • You can now order almost 4,000 references.
  • You can buy medicine online while staying at home. No more waiting in a crowded pharmacy. You choose the product you are looking for without stress.
  • You can read the instructions, the dosage and contraindications of the medicines safely.
  • Medications are usually cheaper. The advantage of buying online is the fact that you can compare prices on other sites.
  • You can also view, with one click, the promotions offered by the site.
  • You can check without moving the availability of the desired drug.
  • You can buy your medication discreetly and incognito.
  • If you live in a medical desert, ordering online can be really useful.

What are the checks to make before you start?

The law only allows the online sale of medicines under two conditions:

Medications must not be subject to prescription. In other words, it is only over-the-counter and for human use.Online sales are only allowed for professionals with a pharmacy or mutual pharmacy declared in France. You can consult the list of authorized sites on the website of the order of pharmacists. Online pharmacies are approved in advance by the Regional Health Agency.

Be careful. Do not buy medicines over the counter without using approved sites. You will be sure that they respect the legislation. Indeed, the market of the on-line sale allowed the development of the trade of fraudulent medications. According to the WHO the World Organization of the Health, 1 drug on 10 is of inferior quality or falsified in the developing countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) reveals that half of the medicines sold on the internet are fake medicines.

These fake medicines can be dangerous for our health for 2 reasons:

  • Either they are ineffective because they do not contain the active ingredient necessary to produce the therapeutic effect
  • They contain dangerous excipients for our health.

3 steps to buy safely

Licensed pharmacies for the online sale of medicines Click on the logo

Before buying drugs online, make sure that this logo is present on the website. This logo will appear on all European sites of pharmacies or retailers recognized by the national authorities as legally selling drugs on the internet.

Click on this logo and access the website of the country’s national regulatory authority. You will find the list of approved sellers for the sale of medicines online.

Check if the seller is authorized

Check if the seller is on the list of approved sellers for the sale of medicines online before buying your medicines on the internet. On the internet, one can find unauthorized pharmacies to sell drugs online. In this case, they may offer unregulated drugs that can be dangerous to your health.

Buy securely

Buy securely, if the seller is licensed to sell drugs online. This check confirms that the drug purchased on the internet comes from a legal source. It has been manufactured to strict standards established by national and international regulatory authorities.