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The bold move in Ghana music

“Help America!” cried the rap duo who are known as FOKN Bois, as they walk ed into the streets of Accra, holding a plastic donation bucket and shaking it at passers-by, a trained camera following on them. Download their music at Ghana Music Download

“Ghana, we don’t have any problems. Americans are suffering,” they say as they pass through the vendors and shops in front.

They also suddenly begin to rap as music and video calling for all the African countries to help the poverty people who are suffering in America. FOKN Bois made up of friends M3NSA and Wanlov the Kubolor, use their music to challenge the status quo. They use tools such as parody, humour, and protest, they also focused highlight social issues and cry out for the need for a political change. “We were never raised or trained or programmed to be patriotic, to care about the country,” says Wanlov the Kubolor. “We are just raised to know that whatever we are learning is for us to get a visa to go somewhere else or to go to heaven.”

But this status duo along with may other artists and producers produce songs, poems, murals, clothes, education, and are also investing in building homes for the homeless in Africa. They are also Capturing drone footage and shooting videos on iPhones. They are also editing songs in private studios and also has the privilege of streaming music online, they spread a message of confidence and self-love. Using the power of the internet, they contradict mainstream views of their communities, call out politicians, and challenge the messages of many churches who give out false claims.

“I feel like our people should believe in themselves, that’s my dream. We can be our highest self. We can be strong enough to say no to any external power, fear, or force, you know, and just believe in making ourselves better.” says Worlasi, a rapper, and producer.

But the thing is, however, they keep pushing towards the change, at times the road towards the progress does not look like it is coming to light soon. It only gets longer and longer as they keep on pushing for the change. This is hard because their work on the need for change threatens them and also drains out their work. This ghana controversy has been happening around for more than 5 years. It also affects the life of musicians such an M3NSA, Wanlov the Kubolor, Adomaa, Worlasi, Akan, Mutombo Da Poet, and Poetra Asantewa as they make the things worse for them at home. They have written and produced new songs and videos for this film in collaboration with many other sis’s filmmakers. Their songs are often filled with grief, challenge, call for a bright future, funk, finesse, belief and so much pain combined with hope for a positive change among their people. That is this is kind of a revolution that is happening in between the ghana rappers because nowadays they are getting more mainstream attention and they also strongly influence their people to change their way of thinking and come out of the hold of the fear of change and also to give them a clear understanding about being patriotic about the nation they are living.